Giving Nature


This is a big subject. But let’s start somewhere shall we…


Plants are unbelievably beautiful beings. They give and provide us with so much as a race and they don’t expect anything back. My mother has worked with flower essences and plant medicines for a long time. Every since I was born she’d give me ‘rescue remedies’ to help me through different times in life. They would usually be a mix of a plants extract in or energy in water with some brandy. The brandy being used as a preservative. Then given a few drops for emotional or mental wellbeing.

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Quan Yin


The Goddess of the Compassion and Mercy.

(There’s different spellings to her name, like : Kuan Yin and Kwan Yin )

For a couple years, I’ve been resonating with Quan Yin’s energy and subconsciously connecting to her. With it only becoming really apart to me in the last couple of days. When I met this women in my old home town ‘Glastonbury’ through some old friends. She showed us her new work space, having some of her paintings on the wall. With the one standing out to me the most being Quan Yin (not knowing it was her). Since then I have been researching more into ‘her’.

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