About Me

P1220490Wow… where to start.

Ah yes, name: Iona Clive (the same as the url.)

Born in London, raised in London and Somerset. Went to boarding school for most of my school years, but decided to leave at age 16. Attended Ravensbourne University for my Pre-Foundation course in Design. Then completed a Foundation Diploma in Graphic Communication Design at Central St Martins. Before heading for freedom, I started my BA in Interaction Design Arts at London College of Communication and left after two terms.

I have been traveling around the world since leaving University, and I have to say that it was the best decision I have ever made. The amount of life experiences I’ve had since pulling out, has been INSANE! Really letting myself go and taking in every single moment. This life is for L.I.V.I.N.G not for being dominated by societies ‘choice’ for you.

For most of my school years, I would dedicate all my time to art, tennis and studies. Never really getting a breather. Never just sitting still. Never having the time to concentrate on ‘me’. Finally, I have been giving myself the time to do these things, and I still feel bad for it. But I know that if that voice appears to be bugging me, I just tell it to go away and say to myself that it’s completely okay to not be doing something all the time.

I have loves for SO many things in this world, and I want to share my thoughts, opinions and adventures with you.