It is time

This needs to be said NOW.

The quality of life we have, the systems we have lived under for thousands of years. This is the tipping point for us to change. There are still so many of us that are grabbing onto the past for dear life. People saying we want change, but not willing to.

Everything that has happened in the past has had to happen to get us to this point. Let me elaborate. The evolution of man and women, technology, disastrous events, power play. What we have created and found out about the wonders of the universe. Man has forgotten the purity of their being. Although, the immense abilities we have shown in bursts through the years proves we have so much power to know we can over come anything.

I’m trying get through to the few that can see the potential of the future, and can see this particular crisis as a positive driving force. Something within you that’s trying to come out that wants to provide and give more. You have the passion, you have the soul individuality to help change our way of being.

I want to start a trend where people share their individual contributions such as their talents, perspectives and passions to bring forth a new life for ourselves. This can be done in any way you want. You can send me messages personally, and tell me whether you’d like your name and location included. For the moment, your information could be shared on Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter as you choose. Idea’s to make a website and to create installations relating to this project, will be announced soon.

If you want to keep up to date with my journey, and want to talk to me about anything related to this topic. I would be more then happy to!

My – Instagram . Twitter . Facebook

Be apart of this new initiative.

Iona x

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