Doing your bit – Global warming

“We have 12 years to limit climate change catastrophe, warns UN”

– The Guardian, Mon 8 Oct 2018

This has to be humanities focus! Otherwise mine and future generations won’t have a future. It’s being stolen by the older generations!

We need to remember where we come from and that without Earth, there is no us. Nothing matters more then to look after the environments we live in. Nature can only give so much.

There’s not enough time to leave this matter to others e.g. politician’s. We have to take responsibility as individuals. The ones that want to help and want to help change the wellbeing of our planet, need to come together. There’s no greater importance then figuring out how we go about making a rapid change to our way of life. I’m not stating that I have the answer, or trying to convince you to want to help. But I’m trying to reach out to the people that do.

No one seems to have the answers just yet. The implementation of certain ideas has to be handled in the correct way. But it doesn’t mean that we should just be sitting around waiting for those things to finally happen.

Working in your communities is a great start! If you’re not very educated on the subject of climate change, maybe read some books/articles about it. The more people become aware of the situation and start to question what’s going on. Also the more the individuals can realise their potential to contribute. The process of finding the right solutions will hopefully be a lot quicker.

Don’t give up on the Earth just yet. Quite a few, lets say, influencers are pressuring us to think that it’s too late for the Earth. Or rather that it doesn’t matter destroying our environments because we have other options, like Mars. Recent reports suggest that we haven’t got the technology yet to make Mars in to an easily habitable planet. But we do have the technology to change radically the situation on Earth for the better. Let’s use it!

To improve our conditions most effectively we need not only inhibit the negative aspects and enhance the positive but also realise WHAT IS POSSIBLE.

Watch this space for how we do it!

Please, please share. But don’t just read, act. Also welcome all comments below.

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