Energy Expression – 6th October

Bubbling bubbling bubbling…

We have a lot of uncertainty to what has really gone on in the last couple of months. But I can tell everyone is feeling it too. From my angle it has seemed like my body has recoded itself. Nothing else left to give. No more accommodating for people. Having to deal with so many hidden emotions and experiences. Nowhere to hide.

All the things I would of associated ‘myself’ with (basically if I was describing myself to someone) in the past this could be relating to; personality, perspective, how I look. This is vanished. I’m not afraid to be seen in other personas. Because the persona I made up for myself was what I thought I should be from how my life played out so far. If I wanted to be a completely different persona, I could (with maybe some limiting factors). I’m not as scared or concerned about people seeing me as the quite, low profile human anymore instead of the bubbly, outgoing human. People’s opinions becoming less and less effective on me.

Everything from the tiny little things in life to the massive, have layers upon layers. Reasoning and understanding. We have complete control over ourselves and with how we choose to react to things. But we don’t with the outside world. Through science and hollistic practices, I believe we do have more control over what happens around us then we think.

We are currently in the ‘just about pressing start up’ faze. You might of recently been feeling like you’re in a rut, or you feel like nothing is really happening for you. Things are about to change my friends! We’ve been on this odd incline from around May time. Having these very distinct fazes we’ve all gone through. My inspiration level has been very low. My passions in life have all shifted around it’s level of importunacy and its worth.

Everyone is being thoroughly tested.

For the last month or so, I’ve felt quite numb which is odd for me. I’m someone that feels and takes in so much connection and emotions. But it’s like that side of me sort of vanished. I feel that all of my observations I am having on what people have thought or do think of themselves are just keys to a bigger pattern.

We aren’t what we say we are, that is just what we have constructed to think we are. Those perspectives and views are growing further away, allowing room for new things to blossom.

For example, it’s like we as souls/human beings are being placed in all these abnormal movie plots. Playing ‘ourself’ but what we would be in those all different parts to fit the movie.

As you can tell I’m finding it a bit hard to express my thoughts to you. But I will keep on going.

We don’t really have anything to cling onto for safety. All we have is ourselves. Possessions and ‘securities’ we make for ourselves aren’t reliable. People think they’re creating this more and more comfortable space for themselves, that will be the best option for their life expectancy (always basing things on the past and future). But in actual fact that is something completely constructed in their minds. Limiting so much of their potential as individuals.

Stop trying to look for answer, as they usually appear when you’re not in focus.

Branch out, look at places you’ve never looked. Meet people you normally wouldn’t talk to. Live the way our body purity originated from. Not by our ridiculous societal views.

No matter how hard life gets, you can handle it. Just know that everything is temporary and interchangeable. Try seeing the circumstance more to what it seems. You might be very surprised to what you’ll find.

Iona x

Respond to Energy Expression – 6th October

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