Energy Expression – 3rd June

I’m going to start a series of posts connected with the energy flow of the universe at certain times, that I feel is worth expressing and sharing. I’ve decided to start this now because I’ve realised how much my true self and force is to-do with connection and being able to express things to others in all sorts of ways.

Everything is constantly shifting and flowing. You’re always getting different sensations, different emotions, different outlooks and you have to admit, it is difficult. Especially the ones reading this that are more sensitive. Each of you will look at things through your eyes, your past. We love to define things, meanings to words, but if you think about it, what you’re wanting to express is not going to get through to the other person like you want it to. We will completely absorb these words through our individual selves. I’m saying this because there are many people in my life that I wish could understand me, and understand the feelings I get. But usually that’s not possible. It could be for many reasons such as; they have something stopping them from receiving the information, because of their past they’ll take a different lane, or they’re not being able to relate because they haven’t been conscious of the feeling themselves. This is why I find words very restrictive.

So to get back on track… In recent times, for the last week. Things have never felt so uncomfortable for me. Especially this weekend. Some serious business is going on in the atmosphere. A lot of this new, or old energy right now is related to human evolution and consciousness. Tons of new cycles starting. Opening into the fuller potential of this higher world. Creating new paradigms with all aspects of life. Everything is multidimensional.

I’m experiencing a new sense of ungrounded-ness, feeling not at all the self I was in the past. Letting go of the past, moving into this new energy. I’ve been spending a lot of time by myself recently. Appreciating my own energy and space. Some of this is because of me finding it difficult to protect myself in certain surrounding. And getting caught up in overwhelming feelings. Creating a filling, protecting space around me to not get too affected my people and places.

There would be quite a lot of breakups round this time, or new connections forming, a lot of talk about love and relationships. It’s time to make those personal changes, in your own personal life, in your home, and go inwards. Sharing and love, bringing our human to the table. Bringing the heart into consideration, to be heard, to be seen. It’s a time to join together, connect, come together.

We create personas for ourselves, through; the past, past lives, interactions, higher energies. Usually finding it comfortable to be seen in this way, or not for that matter. If we are seen by others in a particular way, we are uncomfortable if the feeling is controlled by us wanting to be perceived in this way. If you change a lot, you might of not been able to forgive your other selves which have shown up in the past. Asking yourself why we were ever like that. But all the evolution and change, has needed to happen for you to be how you are right now.

We want to reunite, co-create. Pulling our specialties as humans together. Take charge and spread the word, together to birth the new world. Moving away from I, my, me, when ever you get to individualised, you think you have to take care of everything yourself, because no one else is going to cover me. Again related to feeling disconnected. But that’s why it’s about opening, connecting.

We as humans have configured that being upset, angry, hurt (negative emotions) is a ‘bad thing’. But why is it a bad things… Why aren’t we comfortable with it, and lets us effect us so much. I’m going to end with that.



Respond to Energy Expression – 3rd June

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