Colour in your Life


This is one of the most important subjects that I personally resonate with a lot. As I am a walking rainbow. Colour is one of the biggest reflections of ourselves. It being apart of everything we see physically and sometimes non-physically in our everyday.

Some wear certain colour to subconsciously and consciously express a certain emotion they may be feeling. Or, what you like to surround yourselves with, for example; colours in your room, and environments you like to surround yourself in.

I’ve always worn quite colourful clothes, as my personality resonates a lot with bright colour. I’m quite a bubbly, positive, happy being. Although, between the years of 2015-16 I was wearing quite a lot of black or dark colours. Around this period I was really trying to ‘find myself’ and was becoming much much more aware of myself and things around me. Then going to the complete opposite, wearing the brightest, most outgoing, stand out clothes I could find (and afford). And this still carries on today. Colour is one of the biggest ways I use to express myself. I came to realise how much my personality fluctuates on each day changing up what colour I feel like wearing. It also depends on the brightness of colour as well.

I have people in my life that love wearing colour, and are not afraid to show it off. But then I have some friends that really dislike wearing any colour, or are even scared to wear it. A while back, I noticed that the people that usually like to wear black all the time, are using it to blend in/not show their true self.

In your living environment you should really consider what large blocks of colour you use. First you can do some colour experiments to see how these colours will effect you. Because over time you can come to realise that actually something could be making you feel unwell in some way.

I’m, let’s say, a ‘Yellow freak’. My car’s yellow, most of my clothes are yellow or have yellow in them, and a lot of the objects I buy are. Yellow is a very energising colour.  It is associated with the intellectual side of the mind, and the expression of thoughts. It builds self-confidence and encourages an optimistic attitude. Although when yellow is switched to dull yellow, it can be the colour of fear.

Accepting Colour – Most colours have a wide range of shades, one that you might be attracted to. So rather then force yourself to wear a colour that you really dislike or find uncomfortable, find a form of the colour that is acceptable to you.

When it comes to Food, this can really help improve your health! Colour diets can be a big + for all sorts of diseases. Having a certain coloured meal, could maintain balance in your body’s system. If we have any types of imbalances, that are left unattended, they could manifest as a physical disease. Each colour feeds and nourishes a certain part of the body or body system. Here are a few examples :

  • Colour = Red… Glands = Adrenals… Organs = Kidney, bladder, lower limbs… Body System = Muscular… Therapeutic Action = Simulating, strengthening, warming.
  • Colour = Green… Glands = Thymus… Organs = Heart, lower lungs, ears, arms, breasts… Body System = Digestive… Therapeutic Action = relaxing, promotes harmony in cells, anti-stress, balancing.

I have been studying colour healing for a while now, so this isn’t the last one of my posts on this subject! I will be going into more details into the real benefits of each individual colour. How colour is just such an important part of our lives.

Lots of love x

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