Creating your space

For creating, or living for that matter. Space is such an importance to flourish. Now I could mean this in many contexts, such as; working, living, relaxing, thinking, or a combination. But lets just start with daily life.

A lot of us have very systematic lives, which run along a treadmill. Some might find it difficult to get off that treadmill, for multiple reasons. You have created a comfortable constant rotation, fearing emotions or life changes. But having your own space whether that’s in your home, a time during the day where you can get away from things, is what I feel the most valuable things you can do with your time. To meditate, reflect, stop and appreciate your surrounding. Because underneath the cracks of every little spec on this planet, is life. We take so much for granted. Not fully embellishing ourselves in what we feel and see in front of us.
As I’ve gotten older, I’ve found it more and more important to create a space for myself. Wherever I am in the world. Sometimes we can do it without even being conscious of it.
We might do this automatically for comfort or to have alone time, to be at peace. Maybe our bodies do it as a sort of defence mechanism.
What I’ve come to realize more clearly though, is that I myself is my own inspiration. Nothing can inspire me more then what I experience everyday, from my thoughts, dreams and insight within me. Also there is no other physical thing that can motivate me more then nature. It’s the most purist, beautiful beings that has been given to us. So, often I will go to a park or a large green area to energize or ground myself from the hustle and bustle. Living in a city like London, is difficult to have the opportunity to create your own space (but it’s definitely possible). One of the reasons why I feel like I am such a free spirit, is because I can be placed pretty much anywhere, and create a space for myself. Wherever I go my inspiration follows.
I like being alone a lot (even though I’m quite a social person) and my home is what I use a lot for working. So having a living environment that enables me to create my space is very important to me. But I’ve found that difficult for the last couple of years.
If I was to design a certain living arrangement for myself, I would probably feel much more at home. Adding a lot of floor seating areas… plants… art supplies… clean but messy spaces… quiet surrounding… you know things like this. But for the time being I will keep discovering my own spaces, within my mind and settings.
The ones of you that thrive with being creative, will a lot of the time be trying to place yourselves in different scenery’s to regain motivation and inspiration.
If you’re reading this and can resonate with this explanation, maybe try out some of these ideas:
  • Think of colours that you feel give you the most joy or that you think connects with you.
  • Depending on what you are going to do in this space, what would be the first thing you think of when wanting to feel this way. Whether that be a piece of furniture, symbol, arrangement, movement.
  • How long you would spend in this space.
  • When you think of peace, inspiration, what comes to mind.
  • Maybe ask yourself why, regarding these things and feelings…
Now consider this next time when you want to go to somewhere for some personal time, or want to make a space for yourself wherever that is.
Peace&Love x

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