Happiness (Beginning)

20170730_194140What is happiness? Most adults have probably asked this at least once in their life. What is true happiness?
I get asked a lot how I am so happy and jolly all the time, but mainly its how my way of being and seeing the world is so positive. So, I am going to start a happiness series of posts; talking about what puts a smile on to your face, causes of you not finding happiness, laughter and it’s affects… and lots more!
I will try and give the fullest description I can, on the way I see happiness and laughter touching on my positivity.
One of my favourite quotes is ‘The earth laughs in flowers’. Even this small but beautiful quote puts a big smile on my face. Some may ask, why the hell can that make you smile? Well it’s your perception of it isn’t it. How you look at other things for the first time, will maybe give you a similar response as well. Or it might be that these sorts of things like quotes, don’t have any relevance in your brain to causing emotion. Everyone’s brains are wired up differently, depending on many variables. We all resonate with things in various ways.
Since I was little, I have been someone to laugh at myself A LOT. I’m very easily amused and entertained. I find the smallest things funny/fascinating. This means that I never really get bored.
I’ve gotten used to it over the years people laughing at me not with me, and I’m okay with that. Because I do the same, sort of… I can always find something to focus on or think about, that’ll take me into this other world of brightness and diversity. This could be an expansion of what I am seeing around me physically or my imagination/thoughts. I have what some of my friends and family call a super power, I can turn most negative situations into positives. This isn’t to avoid pain or not wanting to accept what’s happening. I just transform it into something that will actually be something really beneficial for the world/me/whoever. Looking at something as ‘simple’ as a flower, just going further and further into it’s path and where it came from. How it was made, what it could provide for us. Such happiness! There’s meaning and purpose for every single little organism on this planet. It’s your decision whether to find joy in them.
My mother is a very jolly human being, inheriting a lot of her traits. For example, giggling at uncomfortable situations and smiling most of the time. It’s helped me to take my self less seriously at a young age. Also making maybe chores and things I didn’t particularly want to do that much, enjoyable. My family as a whole are very happy, insightful people. I am thankful every day for having them in my life, as they are so inspirational. Passionate, self-driven individuals.
I really don’t like using the word believe, as I am such an open person to what could be possible out there. But it’s difficult to find another word for it. I don’t believe really that happiness is the answer to life, or that the aim is to be able to be happy always. You need to experience all sorts of emotions to develop as a human and soul. The more you let go to the universe and beyond. Feeling and being more in the present. Your perspective changes more and more. Having less worries, taking things in deeply.
A big topic surrounding this one is the need for materialist things and temporary happiness. My generation is the king of this, with the basis of social media being quick instant satisfaction. If there’s youngsters reading this post, try and spend less time on your phone. And start to really look and see your surroundings. In the long term, that is what will matter.
I find this space, world, habitat, whatever this is, incredible! Because there is so much beyond what we see that is there. Next time you find something funny and that makes you smile, really feel those feelings (if that makes sense). If you went deeper and deeper into that feeling of why you are reacting in this way, you would find out more things about our self. I have also come to realise after researching more in cognitive psychology is that a lot of people stop them selves from feeling happy because of past experiences going back maybe to your first steps. Where they were told that it wasn’t ‘okay’ to smile or laugh at something. Or what most children get drilled into at school, that you have to do things in life that won’t = happiness, so you have to be miserable with your chosen path. If other people around you aren’t happy doesn’t mean you can’t be.
Laughter is very contagious, hearing others laugh makes you want to laugh.
Next time you walk out of your home, or walk into a space that maybe makes you feel a bit uncomfortable. Just really look at the detail of your surroundings. You are on this crazy, amazing world. Not knowing where all this comes from and when it started. We are so little compared to what’s out there. But little can still make a big difference.
Love and Light x

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